Website Rebrand - Tackling the Naughty Monsters

What do you do when you have a website that you are not happy with and don’t have the time to fix it?

Well, that was the conversation I had with Emma O’Brien of ...

Emma is a busy lady, her time is split between running her own business, working at an art gallery, teaching and raising her beautiful children. She had set up her own website about 6 years ago on a platform that promised to be easy to use and, while she kept it updated with images of her handmade monsters, she was gradually more unsatisfied with how it looked.

“I hated having to spend time on my website, it was a massive chore!  I found it really dull and frustrating, plus it was keeping me from doing what I love – making monsters and zombies!” Said Emma.

Together we had a look and I immediately saw where we could make some changes and really promote how unique and exciting her work is. We worked together over afternoon talking about her products and working out how to show them off. Then I went back to my studio and set to work.

Product photos for website

The platform Emma's site was on didn’t allow for much creative freedom, which made it a challenge, but I had a plan. I started with the bare bones – the skeleton of any website is the information you need to communicate most. I restructured her webpages in a way that would be super quick for customers to navigate, and created new pages for the topics that I felt were missing. I wrote new copy for her then turned my attention to the design.

The redesign and Brand

Her products had to be centre stage – I took new photos that captured the crazy fun energetic world of monsters and zombies. For the branding I used a simple colour pallet so that the photos really shone and used elements of Emma’s sketch book drawings to make sure the site was indisputably hers through and through.

Next was going though all the images with consistent photo editing and cleaning up some of her existing graphics so that they looked good on any device. I was ready to show Emma her new mobile friendly site.

I had added contact forms and connected all her social media accounts so that customers had plenty of ways of reaching out and getting to know her, making ordering really easy.

website content
“It was great working with Soni as she really understands visual artists and business. I knew she would market my work better to my audience.” Said Emma, “Now it’s easy to navigate, it presents the work perfectly, and gives my customers the information they were looking for.”

Get your website and content right

At the end of the day a website is the shopfront, it is where people check out what is on offer and decide if they want what they see. If you are not happy with your website, or find it increasingly frustrating to get the web pages to look how you want, then potential customers may pick up on that. There are very quick ways to fix this, contact me to find out more.

Let’s show you off, let’s make sure your story and the amazing qualities of your business are on display.

product gallery for website