5 benefits of growing your business through outsourcing

Delegation v's DIY


1 - Save Time

If you do something regularly then you get quicker and better at it – practise makes perfect right? Outsourcing the things that you don’t normally do such as brand building, graphic design or copywriting to a freelancer will save you time. They can produce high quality work in much less time because they are more experienced. This leaves your time free for doing what you do well – running your business.

Freelancer grow your business

2 - Reduce Stress and Increase Energy

Using the services of a freelancer lets you concentrate your energy on the areas of your business that need your focus. This can have the magical effect of making you feel more energised because time spent productively gives you the buzz and motivation to achieve more. Whereas, if you are spending hours getting frustrated with your website, for example, or struggling to fit activities into your already busy day, then you can feel drained, defeated and overwhelmed. Seeking out a trusted freelancer and relinquishing some of your ever growing ‘To Do’ list to them means your efforts are divided into less channels, giving you a power boost where you need it most.


3 - Get Professional Results Every Time

Doing everything yourself means you can mean you end up disappointed with the results of your labours. Not because you haven’t got the ability but because you are comparing what you have done with the work of those who have studied and are experienced in marketing, design etc.  By hiring an expert freelancer you are accessing the hours of training and experience they already have gone through perfecting their service. This means you can get professional results without having expensive permanent resources or trying to learn everything yourself.

4 - Add Value

Getting an expert opinion can really reduce risk and increase the likelihood of success for your project. This means that the money and effort you invest has a greater chance to return the best results. An expert job will appear more professional than winging it alone; demonstrating to your customers that you are serious about what you do. If your work is of high quality then they can trust you over someone who is winging it and just getting by.  A customer is more likely to perceive value and have confidence in a company that uses the best resources itself.

5 - Compete With Bigger Companies

If your company or department is small but needs to compete with larger companies, you can have skilled resources at your command without the overhead of hiring a new team. There is a lot already out there about lean start-ups and staying agile, and it is all true. By hiring in freelance designers, for example, allows you to only use what you need to so you are not carrying the costs of them being permanently on your payroll. You can buy in what you need to beef up your marketing, design or sales while maintaining a tight and efficient core team. This allows you to stand out amongst companies that may be bigger but are actually burdened by their size making them slower or more expensive to work with.