Designing a Logo for Big Sixty

Logos form a strong part of your company identity, the best ones are iconic and can be easily recognised. When starting his new business, Big Sixty Professional Services Ltd, Matt Groves approached me as he was keen to get his logo right. As someone who helps companies build their brands and establish their identities I was more than happy to help.

Get ideas down on paper

Matt had already taken this step, but the first thing I recommend when designing anything is to just get the ideas out. Get all the possibilities down on paper - try making a list of words you associate with your business, or put down all your thoughts in a brain dump, or doodle what you imagine it will look like, or collect images and colours that you find meaningful and make a mood board. 

As a dedicated fisherman, Matt knew he wanted a fish in his logo with a number 60 incorporated as the fins or gills. He had already come up with a rough design idea which he had played around with. I could have just created a final version of his design but I wanted to push it further. I asked a few questions about his business and what value it offers its customers:  Big Sixty provides consultancy and professional services to enable organisations to get maximum business impact from technology.

Developing the idea

I thought about what the company represented and how I could connect it to fish. I came up with cool calm efficiency, streamlining activities, breaking down resistance to change, helping data flow... I knew an image that was either fluid or showed the gliding movement of a fish was what was needed.

rough logo designs

I worked through my ideas, drawing while referring back to Matt's original request until I was happy with how things were shaping up. I could then sent him some options to show what I was thinking.

We then discussed it over Skype and Matt was able to select the elements he liked.

"Soni was able to quickly distil all the things I was trying to achieve and then added to them," said Matt. "She created something that was even better than I had pictured."

After our discussions, I created the final logo artwork and generated several variations of it. I felt it was important for Matt to have many options of how to use his new logo, right from the start, so that he didn't have to pay extra or waste time if and when he wanted to use it differently. I provided both print and web resolution logos, plus a version that would work on a dark background, one with a transparent background so he could overlay it wherever he needed, and also logos with and without text.


"Getting Soni to design my logo was a great decision. The whole process was really quick and easy and it looks more professional than if I had done it myself, I'm really pleased with it." Matt Groves, Director of Big Sixty Professional Services Ltd.

Do you need a logo?

If you need a new logo designing, or have a design that you want developing further let me know.

We can chat about what you want to achieve and then take it from there.

If you are doing your own logo design my tips are:

  • Get all the ideas down on paper to look at, it makes improving it easier
  • Think about the qualities you want to show e.g. warm, caring, cool, efficient, friendly, adventurous, uplifting…
  • Keep it simple – the best logos can be stripped back to almost nothing and still recognised – think of Apple, Nike, or even Batman